Jerry Goldsmith

"The function of a score is to enlarge the scope of a film. I try for emotional penetration - not for complementing the action. For me, the important thing about music is statement. I can't describe how I arrive at the decision to make a statement, I simply feel it and react to it."

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Jerry Goldsmith Online was setup in 1999 as a fan based website to follow and support the career of the legendary composer of Radio, TV and Film. When Jerry Goldsmith tragically passed away in 2004 it left a huge void in the world of film music but his legacy of over 50 years of music means that the legend will live on and this site continues to remember one of film music's greatest names. Our aim is to provide a home for fans of Jerry Goldsmith to visit and for those who wish to learn more about the composer and his music.

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Jerry Goldsmith