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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jerry Goldsmith Online an official website for the composer?

No, this site is a non profit making fan based website about the composer and is not endorsed by the Goldsmith family. It is intended as a source of information on the composer's career and place for fans to visit and remember Jerry Goldsmith and his music.

I am looking for sheet music/scores by Jerry Goldsmith

I have added some links for sheet music sources on the Links Page which may be of help. However, these are mostly themes, not specific cues. Manuscripts for film scores are generally not available to the public and cannot be purchased. Some colleges allow viewings for students. Traditionally only concert performing Orchestras can request this material and are often strictly scrutinised. Please use Google for commercially available sheet music. These are often just themes or suites. Also check You Tube as you may find vendors providing samples of theme arrangements and concert suites.

I am looking for an out of print Jerry Goldsmith CD

Please check the various soundtrack dealers that specialise in out of print items. Again, the Links Page has details of suggested dealers. Also try eBay and Amazon Market Place.

I want to become a film composer. How do I go about it

Sorry, I can't advise you on this. But good luck!